Members Galleries - General Images

Photographs made by members of the society using Leica cameras or Leica lenses.
Pedro A Perez portfolio My name is Pedro A Perez. I bought my first screw Leica in R G Lewis, October last year. It was a 111f. No 248919 Leitz 5cm f2 summar No 345264. Since then I bought a further seven all on ebay! The majority are pre 1940.

I enjoy street photography. Life contrives its own images and in my own, very amateur, way I like to think that they are reflected in my photographs
Tony Winkless portfolio
James Ashmore portfolio All the images were produced using a Leica M6 TTL and were taken on film (Fujichrome, Agfa Scala and Ilford XP 400) using Leica 21, 35, 50 and 90mm lenses. Pete Davis portfolio These were taken what seems a very long time ago in a previous photographic existence of mine. Many are taken in the area of Cardiff where I grew up and went to school. Taken on a Leica IIIF and a 35mm lens.
Dave Sellens portfolio Pictures by Dave Sellens with his M8 Malcolm Reed portfolio Images from aPanasonic Lumix TZ20
Keith Mercer LRPS portfolio The Leica M9 plus Leica film cameras nowadays form my main photographic armament, so to speak. With regard to film, at the moment it is all black and white which I develop at the kitchen sink. Currently the digital:film usage is circa 50:50. John Gregory portfolio Photos by our Chairman, John Gregory, with a Leica D-Lux 2 and M8
Tony Cole portfolio These were all shot using my 80 year old Leica II with matching nickel un-numbered Elmar 5cm. All these shots were taken during the recent Leica Society visit to Wetzlar John Brockliss portfolio After a successful graphic design career spanning 40 years John now concentrates his creative energies on photography and painting.

Based in Brighton John works exclusively with Leica rangefinder cameras and available light. His images avoid cropping and elaborate post-production processing to allow the integrity of the moment and the original composition to take centre stage.
Don and Elaine Jacklin portfolio Pictures from home and abroad using a Leica R3, Digilux 4, Leicaflex and "Panaleica" Phil Coomes portfolio Phil is based in London and works as a photographer and picture editor for the BBC News website.

He has worked at the BBC for many years in a number of photographic roles, from the archive to the news desk via the darkroom. The majority of his work has been for BBC News working closely with journalists on news stories and features. He is also a keen street photographer.
David Featherstone portfolio My Leica Learning Curve?
I have been retired nine years now and enjoying photography and especially being a member of The Leica Society with all the opportunities it gives to show my photos in the various Circles that I have joined.
My favourite cameras are a very original 1927 Ia, an R8 (the R lenses are really superb) and lastly the M plus of course the superb Summilux f1.4 50mm, (closely followed by an M5, M3, M2, M1, CL, a lot of screw cameras and then some Leicaflex’s)
Phil Harrison portfolio I’m based in Rochdale and retired last year. I take photos mainly for my own pleasure and for Circle 2.
I treated my self to an M-E when I hit 60, having mainly used film for my B/W work until then.
All but one of the photos were taken on the M-E with either a 35mm, 50mm or 90mm lens.
‘The Old and the New’ was shot with a Leica 111f and 5cm f2 Summar lens, the 111f recently serviced and good as new!
The photos were shot in Manchester, except ‘The ghost in the window’ in Halifax.
Paul Harris portfolio Richard Davidson portfolio All taken in Portugal at various places, At anchor, Bugatti and St Theresa's roses in Cascais; Alentejo cottage near Marvão; Holiday home near Guia in the Algarve; Medieval screen in Lisbon cathedral; Rocks on the seaside south of Porto; Fishing boat near Aveiro, at the crack of dawn with salt pans in the background, taken in 1976. 
At anchor, Alentejo cottage, Bugatti, Holiday home, Medieval screen, Roman bridge - Leica R5, Summicron 2/50, Fuji film.
Fishing boat - Leica IIIa, Elmar 3.5/50 mm lens, Kodachrome slide.
Rocks - Leica R3, Summicron 2/50, Fuji film.
St. Theresa's roses - Leica R3 (manual mode), Steinheil Quinar 2.8/135 at f2.8, Fuji film.