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Information on various Leica camera models will be added from time to time.

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Leica Cameras in the 1930s: A decade of progress by William Fagan

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Leica X Vario portfolio The Leica X Vario offers the unique combination of an unusually large sensor with a high performance autofocus zoom lens in a compact camera. Even with a maximum aperture of f/3.5, this combination allows the creative use of planes of sharpness to lend images incomparable plasticity and depth. The wide-angle to telephoto zoom range of the Leica X Vario offers great scope for creative composition, whether used for capturing indoor scenes, sweeping landscapes or intimate portraits.

Even at first glance, it is obvious that the Leica X Vario contains the DNA of the Leica M. True to the concept of its role model, it also concentrates on compactness and construction, employing only the finest materials. For instance, the top plate is machined from solid aluminum in the same process as that used for the Leica M. The magnesium and aluminum body feels comfortably solid in the hand. At the same time, soft leather trim lends the Leica X Vario reassuring grip characteristics.
Leica S portfolio The new Leica S is the logical further development of the successful Leica S2 professional medium format digital camera. Its numerous new features and functions are all designed to meet the precise needs of professional photographers.
Monochrom M portfolio Countless iconic black-and-white photographs have been shot with the legendary cameras of the Leica M-System.

Now Leica have made it possible to deliver authentic monochrome photography in digital form: the Leica M Monochrom. It is the first full-frame, 35 mm format digital camera to be designed exclusively and without any compromises for black-and-white photography. It delivers ‘true' black-and-white images in unrivalled sharpness and dynamic range. This makes the M Monochrom the perfect camera for anyone with a passion for black-and-white photography.
Leica M portfolio Pictures of the new Leica M (240) due to be available in early 2013.
Leica M-E portfolio Photokina, Cologne, 17 September 2012: Leica Camera AG today presents a new model in the Leica rangefinder portfolio: the Leica M-E.

Together with the new Leica M and Leica M Monochrom – the world’s first digital black and white camera in 35mm format – the Leica M-E joins the latest digital generation of Leica M cameras, now comprising three rangefinder models. Offering rangefinder technology perfected by Leica over decades, the Leica M-E represents the essence of rangefinder photography.
The Leica Digilux 1 – ten years on by Phil Coomes portfolio It is square and boxy, lacking any real beauty and is hardly compact, but the Leica Digilux 1 that hit the shelves ten years ago in 2002 was the start of Leica’s digital conversion. Yes, there was a rebadged Fuji camera prior to this, but this was the first one by Panasonic and the start of a relationship that continues today.
Leica M9 - for wedding photography portfolio Leica M9 – perspective of a wedding photog

Much as been written about the Leica M9 being suitable or not for serious, fast pacing, professional work like wedding photography. There are few who use the M9 primarily for weddings and some use it in compliment with a DSLR.
In this post I would like to share some personal experience of how the M9 has worked for me.

Back in the film days, when I was a travel photographer, I used mainly the Leica R6 but switched to Nikon when I was forced to become part of the digital era.
I used to shoot my weddings with two Nikon D700 bodies and about 3-4 primes. Lately I started to implement my M9 which I used only for my personal work before. Finally, I thought I have got enough experience to overcome the rangefinder difficulties.
D-Lux 6 portfolio The Leica D-Lux 6 allows for the ultimate in creative flexibility, proving to be the ideal companion anytime inspiration arises. Enabling an imaging quality that sets entirely new standards in its class, the Leica D-Lux 6 unites an exceptionally fast lens with a newly developed 1.7" CMOS image sensor that is particularly large for this compact camera format. Especially suitable for capturing vibrant art, architecture, music, fashion and design scenes, the D-Lux 6 offers a comprehensive range of features including automatic mode, manual setting options and new, Full HD video recording capability. Optional accessories, such as a new electronic viewfinder, provide even greater freedom in all areas of photography. Together with its intuitive handling concept, the classically elegant and stylish Leica D-Lux 6 proves to be a muse for compelling images.