David Featherstone

My Leica Learning Curve?
I have always been interested in photography, my first camera was the Halina 35X, followed by a Fed 2 and then a Yashica J5. Where I was working one of my fellow engineers (I was an Electrical Engineer working in the supply industry) was a Pentax man and every new Pentax he had to have, this was quite good for me as I got a year old camera for the price that the dealer offered to trade it in at!
Whilst on holiday with the family in Swanage in the 1990’s, I was reading Amateur Photographer and the editor was asking which early Leica his readers would recommend him to get. Must be on a very good salary was my response until I looked at the small ads! Then I realised that I could afford to buy a screw Leica, a long term dream. As it happened my local camera dealer had a second hand 1948 / 50 IIIc including a 5cm Summitar lens at a price I could afford! At last my dream had come true, it was all I wanted. I contacted Malcolm Ward, LHS membership secretary at the time and during a long conversation with him he mentioned that I was starting on a ‘slippery slope’ and I would be ‘hooked’. No not me I was very happy with my IIIc and Summitar 5cm lens. The battery was taken out of the Pentax’s and I only used the IIIc from then on.
At Christmas I was given a few Leica books and a little donations for the start of my ‘camera fund’, then in the New Year a trip to London resulted in me buying a 9cm Elmar, a 3.5cm Elmar and associated viewfinder. The start of a very steep ‘slippery slope’ indeed!
From there I have not stopped collecting Leica cameras, lenses and accessories. My only excuse is that I have put at least one film through all the cameras that I have bought. Then came digital and of course I had to go there with Leica!
My favourite cameras are a very original 1927 Ia, an R8 (the R lenses are really superb) and lastly the M plus of course the superb Summilux f1.4 50mm, (closely followed by an M5, M3, M2, M1, CL, a lot of screw cameras and then some Leicaflex’s)
I have been retired nine years now and enjoying photography and especially being a member of The Leica Society with all the opportunities it gives to show my photos in the various Circles that I have joined.