LumeJet Exhibition / AGM printing offer

27th February 2018
LumeJet are offering 50% off there printing for anyone submitting competition entries for this years Exhibition - LumeJet will need to receive them by close on 7th March to be sure of meeting the deadline for submitting the prints (LumeJet can post them out on Friday afternoon). Obviously Members can add any more prints to the order at the same time. Basically, it gives Members this weekend to sort out your entries. Members just need to mention the LEICA SOCIETY in their email and all they need to do is email us a link to their files.

For the purposes of this offer, LumeJet would print in DPII Matte on 530gsm card - which is nice and stiff and will look good on the wall. The maximum size for such a print (including borders) is 430mm x 300mm. There is no need for anyone to re-size images or add borders - LumeJet can do those easily. LumeJet really just need to know what size borders and the height of the short side of the image (combined up to 300mm) and we will do the rest.

Images should be supplied as TIFFs or high-res jpegs (100% quality), preferably in Adobe 98 but any other colour space is fine provided the colour space is embedded in each image. No limit on file size. Files/ links should be sent to More detail is available at .